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The 'bug' of innovation bit me very young in my childhood ! Childhood days were spent with no electricity, pitch darkness around during the night made me develop a fascination for anything that glows like glow worms, electric lamps, batteries, generators, light units and the works ! The concept of a 'light source' in a dark place continues to fascinate me even today.











My childhood was spent seeing arduous tasks like bringing water in pots from long distance by villagers , manually washing clothes in small homes, drawing water from deep wells, cycling long distances and felt that one day I would innovate methods and systems to reduce this drudgery and make their lives more productive and comfortable..













The tasks and the drudgery for a rural person still remains same with not much of change and they need a lot of interventions and innovations to make their life comfortable. 


During my journey of innovations solar energy was the most fascinating thing I ever came across ! and the idea of converting sunlight to electricity was an exciting concept 35 years ago in the early 1980s ! The fascination and excitement kept me daydreaming, ticking, and my mind humming leading to several innovations and products like Solar thermal devices, Solar cookers, micro photovoltaic modules, Solar Lanterns, Solar lighting, Solar Water pumping and 100's of other applications.


My mind is busy '24x7' dreaming of new ideas, the moment the idea is frozen and things have fallen into place a prototype gets ready, then a market ready sample is prepared and if successful it is soft launched into the market. A lot of ideas rolled out as products in regular intervals. My life time effort and ambition is to deliver the poor, the downtrodden, and the less fortunate  the best of products using technology and innovation !


A social enterprise in the name of FLEXITRON was established in 1989. FLEXITRON produced these goods in batches as required.


With modest means and a small lab I managed to roll out over 600 + innovations reaching millions of poor in India and abroad till date, and the journey continues........


I have showcased a few of my innovations for purpose of reference and scope of development only !


Similar or new challenges for innovation are welcome ! .


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